Electric pumps

1. Special for:
- Fire protection systems (NFPA-20, UL/FM)
- Irrigation with vertical turbine pumps (Submersible and horizontal)
- Split-head electric pumps
2. Electric pumps for constant pressure systems:
- Multi - vertical vertical line
- CR (Grundfos)
- Bare shaft pumps
3. Sewage pumps

Automation equipment

We customize the electronic board by integrating its various components according to your needs.
1. Frequency inverters.
2. Electrical boards for fire protection systems, constant pressure systems, telemetry and automation.

Odor control system

We offer a specialized system in odor control that uses catalytic carbon for greater effectiveness.


We offer pumps and pumping systems giving you the perfect solution whatever your need, with the highest quality and the best performance in the market.
. Well pumps
. Multi-stage pumps
. Drainage pumps

Flow meters

We have equipment of the highest precision for the measurement of flow of different diameters.